Recap of this past week’s happenings

Hi all!  Wow, it’s been over a week and it sure has felt longer than that since I last posted.  Hopefully that will be the longest break I’ll be taking from blogging as now that I’m at it, I sincerely missed putting my thoughts down on paper so to speak.

I won’t dive too deeply in the daily play-by-play details over the last week, but I’ll touch upon a few things just for an update.

Our youngest daughter’s band concert a week ago yesterday we SUPER well.  We are so proud of her.  The band sounded awesome.  I think she actually enjoys it more than she really wants to admit to me, and that’s ok with me.  I’m just content knowing she appreciates it more than she had originally anticipated.

Friday she headed with a friend, her dad and her step-mom down to Florida.  LUCKY chick I must say!!  I believe they have been having fabulous weather boot, so I’m glad for all of them.

Saturday we celebrated Christmas with hubby’s family.  Our older 3 kids all joined us for a nice very nice time at hubby’s parents.  His parents got us a new cast iron wood rack (for inside the fireplace to hold the wood while it burns) and a new set of fireplace tools which we also needed.  These are things we will use on a very regular basis.  It was great.

Sunday we were to have gone to my mom’s to celebrate Christmas and unfortunately she called me at 8am sharp that morning that she needed to cancel/postpone the get together because she has not been feeling well since Friday and was worrying she might expose some of the family to her sickness.  She didn’t know if she was contagious or not, but she had been feeling that shitty she didn’t want to take any chances.

As such, we decided to have our 3 older kids to come over for dinner (we had greek style baked chicken and greek salad) and that we would host them and they could open their presents.  Before that could even happen thought I had to wrap all of them in a marathon wrapping session!  Not so much fun, but I got it done.  HAHA! We had a nice visit, they ripped open their gifts all within minutes and we sat down for dinner.  It was calm and enjoyable and pretty laid back.  They didn’t stick around long, but it was a nice time.

Monday was Christmas Eve and hubby had to work a half day and I went with him.  We then headed home and got to work at wrapping all of hubby’s gifts since we had decided to exchange our gifts to each other that night.  He also made a simple dinner, beef chili this time.  I enjoy fresh cut onion, shredded cheddar, freshly sliced jalapenos and oyster crackers on mine…. MMMM MMMM!!  But hubby got me plenty of wonderful things.  One being basically a tattoo!  I’ve been wanting to get another one for sometime now and I think FINALLY I’m going to finally make it happen.  Definitely more about this tattoo thing soon!

Tuesday was Christmas and we did a whole lot of NOTHING besides sitting around and watching TV shows.  Our second oldest daughter came over for dinner (we made a beef roast in the slow cooker with potatoes and carrots) as well as to just visit.  We watched an episode of something on netflix she has been watching.  It’s called Lucifer and I kind of like it!  SO far we have watched 4 episodes of it.  Hubby I think is a bit skeptical but he’s giving it a try for me anyway.  LOL!

Wednesday was back to the daily grind, back to work but at least was just a half day.  We then took our son out to lunch and got some wings (minus the beer order for hubby and I) and then heading on home.  For dinner hubby decided to make some chicken enchiladas… they always turn out so tasty too.  He adds in a cup of chopped chilis that adds a great flavor.  But besides that nothing more out of the ordinary.

Thursday (yesterday), full day at work and not much else.  We only have 2 more episodes of 24 season 6 to watch before we complete it.  I did end up ordering the next 2 seasons of 24 so we should get it hopefully something early to mid next week, if not by next weekend so we can continue to binge watch it.

As a side note, I mentioned how hubby cooked some greek style chicken, beef chili and then a beef roast in the last several days.  I was at first HIGHLY concerned.  Why you might be wondering?!?  Well, because he uses some sort of alcohol is ALL 3 of these things.  In the greek chicken he used dry white wine, and in both the beef chili and beef roast some dry red wine (but usually he would use 24 oz of beer in the chili…) and thus I was scared I’d want to finish off the open(ed) bottles of wine.  Much to my surprise I have had little to NO desire to do this on those days he cooked it and even NOW…. so there are 2 OPENED BOTTLES OF WINE IN MY FRIDGE STILL!!!!  This I see as a HUGE accomplishment in EPIC proportions!!!!  Maybe we can actually do this thing… that thing being… living a sober life from here forward….. WOOHOO!!!  I’m not going to put the cart in front of the horse just yet though, as I don’t want to get ahead of myself and five my self all this false hope that I am invincible.  Sobriety is a journey, a way of life… not a destination or vacation.


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