Weekend fun update

I just wanted to jump on here while I had the opportunity to let you know that our little get away was a nice one.  We had some time away and it was relatively time well spent together.  There were a couple moments of tension, but overall it was a nice time.  Did it turn out as well as I had hoped it would go?  Not exactly, but I may had unrealistically high hopes or expectations of something that just wasn’t going to happen yet due to this time of adjustment of not drinking and being sober 100% of the time.

We arrived to the hotel about 8:45pm and our room was lovely.  We actually were in the honeymoon suite with a hot tub within our room and a king bed.  Hubby was just about ready to crew off his own arm, so we ordered a pizza from room service.  It filled the void and we thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub throughout our stay.  We both brought a book and we read some in the tub and then in bed.  We also brought plenty of water bottles, Coke and Minute Maid Tropical Punch for our enjoyment.  We stayed up until about midnight or thereabouts and called it a night.

Saturday morning we got woken up by texts at about 7am.  We had a co-worker lined up to take care of our 6 animals back at home and one of them (my 110 lbs German Shepherd) broke with bloody diarrhea.  So we decided to drive home to check on him since we weren’t far from home.  He seemed to be doing fine so we headed back up to our room.  On our way back we swung through McDonald’s to grab a quick bite to take back with us.  Once back in our room we hopped into the hot tub.

As we were in there we decided to make a plan of action.  We got cleaned up and headed to take a walk around some of the touristy shops not far from where our hotel is at.  We walked about for awhile and stopped in at one of the shops.  It is a gaming shop.  While we were milling around, there was a Warhammer tournament going on.  Hubby and I browsed the board games and ended up purchasing 2.  These boards games are not cheap and they are quite elaborate and detailed, but we got them anyway.  We also brought along a few others on our trip so we would have something other than what we would normally do when in a hotel room…. and that is, get buzzed.

We carried on our way walking around and then stopped in an Irish shop.  They sell  authentic Irish made things and hubby found a hat.  He is quite the hat collector and although he has MANY hats and this one costed a pretty expensive penny, he did not have anything like this one.  So I encouraged him to purchase it.  It made him happy, so in turn that makes me happy.  He had hoped for me to find something a sweater or hat of my own and although I found a couple things, I just didn’t like anything THAT much to justify spending that much on anything at that time.

Further we went along and it was COLD outside, so we decided to go grab a light-ish lunch.  The place we went is a bar with several craft beers that we would have normally partook in having as we have in the past at this place.  BUT, we didn’t and the desire wasn’t overwhelming thankfully to do so.  I had a Coke and hubby an iced tea with lemon.  I had a large pretzel and he had some loaded pretzel bites and we called it good.

We headed back to our room after lunch and we were COLD, so we swiftly got into the hot tub again… AHHH!!  We got warmed up quickly by doing so!!  We relaxed and we read some more and we talked a bit.  It was low key.  Eventually we decided that maybe going to dinner on the wee-bit earlier side might make sense so we headed down to dinner.

We ended up getting what this place is known for (fried chicken) and we ordered our now usual (Coke and iced tea).  This place is also connected to the bar/lounge area through a entry way.   From there we could hear others hooting and hollering and carrying on (a college football game was on).  We realized those folks were probably drinking it up.  Hubby and I talked about it a bit, but we didn’t really get too deep into conversation about it, just that how much better we both feel overall (although we haven’t started working out yet and once we do we will start to feel even better!)

We headed back up to our room and we got back in the tub for a bit and after that we decided to try one of the new games we purchased.  Once we started looking at it we quickly realized we would NOT have enough room on the table we had in our room to play this game so we put it away and decided to try one of the others we had brought along.  We ended up playing it 3 times!  I won the first game, while hubby won the other 2.

After the game we got in the tub again and a while after that we decided to watch a couple of episodes of Lucifer on hubby’s tablet he brought along on netflix.  By then it was well after 1 am or so.  We decided to settle in for the night and head to bed.

Sunday morning came and we slept in quite a bit.  I think I looked at my watch when it was 9:30 am or thereabouts.  We needed to check out by 11 am, so by about 10 we got up and showered and re-packed to head home.  We ended up not having enough time to take another dip in the tub however.

Along the way we stopped at the store to get some stuff to make for dinner.  We ended up making Cottage Pie which turned out DELICIOUS!!!  It had VERY lean beef, peas, carrots, potatoes and some cheddar cheese on top.  We would had preferred to make Shepherd’s Pie, but the store did not have ground lamb so we had to settle for beef instead.

When we did get home, one of hubby’s gifts arrived so I gave it to him.  I got him a Sunderland AFC long sleeved tee.  He really liked it.  I was happy about that that.  The animals all seemed well and once we got home hubby headed out to get another cord of firewood for us.

Sunday afternoon and well into the evening we watched the last 2 episodes of season 6 of 24, the first 2 episodes of season 7 of 24, 2 more episodes of Lucifer on netflix and we ended started going through the motions of playing that one game we were going to try the night before at the hotel… only to have went through the directions for nearly a hour and our brain was fried, so we put it away and are going to try tonight or tomorrow, LOL!

But as a side note, I feel the need to add something not completely related to our weekend getaway.  There was a part of me that kind of missed that fun I heard in that other room while we were away, but also maybe I’m not.  I think I’m missing the “fun”, “wild”, “outgoing” stuff hubby and I would get ourselves into with drinking TOGETHER and we aren’t back to that stuff YET since we quit drinking.  I’m kind of (read: really) frustrated about it truth me told.  I know this is going to take some more time, but I’m really sad and frustrated about it at times.  It hits me at times harder than others and then I feel bad and guilty for feeling this way.  I keep trying to remind myself that I shouldn’t feel this way… that BOTH hubby AND I had a drinking problem so WE are going to take some time to figure all this out…. but FUCK!!  It can be super frustrating more than I’d like to admit to honestly.


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