New Year’s Eve & Day & Stuff

Hello all.  Just thought I’d hop along on over here and basically pick up where I left off on New Year’s Eve as far as our plans were…. and with that, New Year’s Eve turned out A-OK I am glad to report. 🙂

After we finished up at work, hubby and I decided to go our for our New Year’s Eve lunch (instead of dinner).  We had no wait at all and we each enjoyed a delicious steak.  I had a couple cokes and hubby had a few iced teas with lemon.  After that we ran on over to get the fixings for that mexican dip that sounded so yummy to have that night since we decided to stay in and cancel our hotel room we had originally booked for the night.  Once we got home hubby made a call over to the guys where we now have been reliably getting our firewood from.  While I got the dishes done hubby drove on over there and loaded up an entire cord of wood for our ongoing enjoyment.

After we got that squared away, we quickly just settled in the enjoy some of the shows we’ve been watching (24 and Lucifer).  We pretty much did that most of the night.  We did take the time to watch the ball drop, have our kiss at midnight and we shared a whole bottle of bubbly non-alcoholic sparkling cider.  It was absolutely tasty much to my surprise!  I kind of wished we had bought ourselves a second bottle not knowing that it was going to go down so easily!  LOL!  And honestly I personally did NOT miss having a beer or wine or any alcoholic beverage in had at that moment.  I was so alive and NOT buzzed or dumpy which I would have surely been if we had still been drinking up to that point.  Hell, I may had even been passed out by that time, who knows…. or if I was technically awake, I may not of been able to remember that was going on or what I did or watched come the morning.  We texted our 4 kids and a few family and friends at midnight wishing them a very Happy New Year and by 1am we had hit the hay.

The next morning, unfortunately didn’t start out on the right foot and hubby and I got into a pretty nasty disagreement.  Without going into a lot of the nitty gritty details of specifics (I’m not ready to divulge absolutely EVERYTHING on here when it comes to a few things, including this…) but we got in a yelling match.  Thankfully none of the kids were home.  I do think that it is still partly to do with us getting use to our “new” lives not including drinking and us getting use to and adjusting to some changes (some are good and some are not so good, which causes us major strain at times), but we were able to get things smoothed over after taking a break for a little while.  We didn’t talk a LOT at that moment (we were going to discuss it a bit later on), but we did apologize to each other for saying really shitty things to one another out of sheer anger and frustration and we started to get back on the good foot.

It wasn’t long after us making the first steps at making a mends with one another, our second oldest daughter called me upset… I asked her what was wrong and so very sadly, she sobbed to me that her boyfriend broke up with her that day (morning of the 1st) and wondered if we were home so she could come over to visit and talk.  She was over in a flash and she was incredibly sad and upset.  I felt and still feel so sad for her.  I listened intently and tried with all my might to help her and to give her some guidance, hope, unconditional love and compassion.  She stayed for a while as after we spoke hubby made her a grilled cheese and we watched Lucifer on netflix as she was the one who introduced it to us in the first place.  It was a nice time spent together, given the circumstances as to why she came over in the first place.

While she was there, the 2 youngest kids arrived from the other parents.  And when that happens we surely hit the ground running, to say the least.  I hadn’t seen our youngest in 3 1/2 weeks besides one time picking her up from band practice, taking her to my house to get a few things and then taking her back to her dad’s prior to her vacation.  I really had missed that little chickie!  She was so excited to tell me what song got chosen for her dance solo for competition which she starts learning tomorrow.  I’ll share the song below.  It is an incredible song which my second oldest brought to my attention a couple years ago when she found it.  It is from The Color Purple on Broadway, it’s called “I’m Here” and both of those girls know it’s going to bring me to tears when I see her solo.  I am truly both of their most biggest fans!

Later on the 1st, hubby decided to roast a little chicken and we made mashed potatoes and he put some green onions in there with them and then just steamed some carrots.  With the chicken he had put in the white wine (yes, that was the bottle that was still left over from a couple weeks ago from cooking with!), onion, garlic, salt and lemons.  It turned out divine!

The rest of the evening was SO nicely spent.  I’m not sure what happened, but there was a corner turned of sorts between hubby and I and it seemed like we were connecting on a level we had been missing.  It was just so comforting and reassuring to have that feeling again.

Yesterday we were back in the full swing of things… including getting the kids ready for school.  That went fairly ok seeing they had just been returning back since break (and both of their alarms didn’t go off, thus they got up later than they had hoped!)  We went to work (just for the morning… that’s the usual schedule) and then afterwards we headed off to Applebee’s for a light-ish lunch.  I had just a cup of soup, a water and a side salad while hubby had a chicken quesadilla and iced tea.  It did’t take long at lunch seeing we don’t just sit there and drink pints of  beer any longer on Wednesday afternoons and we swung by the store to get a few things for dinner.  We decided to use the leftover chicken to make chicken noodle soup.

After we got the kids from school all settled in and getting a few things taken care of we decided to play one of the games we had purchased a while ago and never played.  It turned out to be a lot of fun, but there was quite a learning curve, but I think once we play it again it will be really enjoyable.  Much to my surprise I actually won!  LOL!  We ended up needing to take a break part way through to start dinner but once it was all put together and just simmering we got it finish.

After dinner it was already 8:30pm or thereabouts so hubby and I decided to watch 2 episodes of 24 and then call it a night.


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