Name: Deb

Age: 44

Height: 5′ 4″

Hair: All Natural Strawberry Blonde

Zodiac: Leo

Status: Married (Hubby is 48)

Years married: 5

Children: Yes, 4 (daughter-21.5, daughter-nearly 20, son-18, daughter-nearly 15)

Pets: Yes, 6 (Grey tabby-14.4, Beagle mix-13.5, Border Collie/Brittany mix-6, White longhair-4.5, German Shepherd-4, Grey tabby-2)

Loves: DISNEY WORLD, Viggo Mortensen, Bryan Adams, horses, having fires in the fireplace in the cold months, palm trees, crystal blue waters, going on cruises, cowboy boots, Chicago, filet mignon (cooked medium), good Mexican food, extra hot Thai food, the color orange, rustic themed decor, listening to my daughter sing, watching my other daughter dance, listening to music, dancing …. just to list a few things.